Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coffy (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974)

PAM GRIER IS IN THE HOUSE Y'ALL. Tonight I am looking at the blaxploitation one-two punch of Coffy and Foxy Brown. You may be wondering why I'm doing one entry on two movies, well, it's simply because the movies are VERY alike. In fact, Foxy Brown was originally going to be a sequel to Coffy.

Both films feature the magnificent creature Pam Grier as an avenging angel, punishing pimps, drug dealers, and other corrupt criminals due to a wrong done to her. In Coffy, she's getting justice for her little sister who now has to live in a hospital due to getting hooked on drugs, and in Foxy Brown her undercover informant boyfriend is murdered right before the two head off to start a new life. And in both she sets about the bring down the empires responsible.

Coffy starts out a bit faster, since her vendetta against the drug kingpins is established before the movie even starts, where in Foxy Brown it takes a bit for her to begin her one-woman rampage. But regardless of which film it is, you will be entertained. The soundtrack can only be described as "groovy" and Pam Grier is a brilliant actress and a wonderful action heroine. Of course, these are low budget blaxploitation films, so don't expect a high gloss, big budget epic.

But who really cares? It's PAM GRIER killing people! You'll see her pull a gun from her epic afro, braid razor blades into her hair for a cat fight, and get into a karate fight in a lesbian bar. It's pure entertainment.

The films are both on Netflix Watch Now, and they are worth your time. I may be recommending this out of my love for the bizarre and the kitschy, but if you share any of that love, then you need to see these movies, you will not be bored.

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