Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Youtube Help

In honor of my first follower (thank you so much), I have decided to give the poor girl some help. Unable to find any of the films on this list due to where she lives, I'm going to try and find as many of them on Youtube as I can and post links so that anyone remotely interested can give them a look.

Note: I will only be linking to Part 1 of any available films, because the other segments are usually in the Related Videos section anyway.

Key Largo
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
BUtterfield 8
Of Human Bondage
She Done Him Wrong
It Happened One Night
Anna Christie

If you found a film that I missed, or if the entire film is not available, please let me know so I can edit this post.

Also, there are a ton of great Youtube playlists that feature a lot of older films, such as The Apartment or The Little Foxes, so be sure to check those out at well.

If people like having the option of watching the film on-line, I'll start posting links to the films on-line in my reviews (if available).

Also, if you enjoy reading this blog, please become a follower. I'm not begging for validation or anything, I'd just like to get a general idea as to how many people are reading.


  1. Omygosh!!You are so sweet with me :o)
    I just want to let you know that I'm going on holidays tomorrow with no computer :(
    I only will be back July the 25th.

  2. Well, when you do watch them, I hope you enjoy them.

    And hopefully by the time you return I'll have a few more readers.